Alfred Eisenstaedt's photograph of an American sailor kissing a woman in Times Square became a symbol of the excitement and joy at the end of World War II. The Life photographer didn't get their names, and several people have claimed to be the kissers over the years. It was more of a jubilant act that he didn't have to go back to war. Following a crackdown that resulted in the deaths of hundreds of student demonstrators in Beijing, a lone Chinese protester steps in front of People's Liberation Army tanks in Tiananmen Squarein At least five photographers captured the event, which became a symbol of defiance in the face of oppression.

The identity and fate of the "Tank Man" remains unclear. Joe Rosenthal's photograph of U. It earned him a Pulitzer Prize, but he also faced suspicions that he staged the patriotic scene. While it was reported to be a genuine event, it was the second flag-raising of the day atop Mount Suribachi. The first flag, raised hours earlier, was deemed too small to be seen from the base of the mountain.

A hooded detainee in U. The image became a symbol of the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal after it was released, among others, in late April It did what a written report could not do, showing front-and-center what human rights groups had been saying for months: that prisoners were being abused at the hands of U.

The fallout was immediate, both overseas and at home. Adams later regretted the impact of the Pulitzer Prize-winning image, apologizing to Gen. Nguyen and his family for the damage it did to the general's reputation. Richard Drew captured this image of a man falling from the World Trade Center in New York after the terror attacks on September 11, Its publication led to a public outcry from people who found the photograph insensitive.

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Drew sees it differently. On the 10th anniversary of the attackshe said he considers the falling man an "unknown soldier" who he hopes "represents everyone who had that same fate that day. In the immediate aftermath of the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School, local journalist Shannon Hicks witnessed police escorting children out of the school in Newtown, Connecticut. Robert Capa, co-founder of the Magnum Photos cooperative, became known for his photograph said to depict the death of a solider during the Spanish Civil War.

Since the s, doubt has been cast on the authenticity of the image. Many people suggest that it was staged. Either way, "The Falling Soldier" remains one of history's most famous war photographs. Yousuf Karsh's portrait of a scowling Winston Churchill -- reportedly reacting to Karsh snatching Churchill's cigar -- graced the cover of Life magazine and cemented the British prime minister's reputation as a "roaring lion.

20 of the Most Famous Photographs in History

Yousuf Karsh. During a raid at a Miami home inarmed federal agents confront Elian Gonzalez, 6, and one of the men who helped rescue the boy. Gonzalez watched his mother drown when the boat smuggling them from Cuba capsized.

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Under international law, U. Alan Diaz's photograph of the saga's defining moment won a Pulitzer Prize. Student photographer John Filo captured the Pulitzer Prize-winning image after Ohio National Guardsmen fired into the crowd of protesters, killing four students and wounding nine others.

A widely published version of the image was manipulated by an anonymous editor to remove the fence post above Vecchio's head, sparking a major controversy. American athletes Tommie Smith, center, and John Carlos raise their fists and hang their heads while the U.Here, below is a collection of top ten greatest photos ever taken. Every single one of them has a great story behind. Have a look! This picture was taken literally a second before the Japanese socialist Party leader Asanuma was stabbed to death on live TV by a right-wing extremist.

Photographer Yasushi Nagao, whose modest response was that he was in the right place at the right time, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for the shot and became one of the iconic photos of the s. This picture won the Pulitzer Breaking News Photography award.

Lawrence Beitler took this iconic photograph on August 7, It showed the two young black men accused of raping a white girl, hanged by a mob of 10, white men. The mob took them by force from the county jailhouse. The photo sold thousands of copies, which Beitler stayed up for 10 days and nights printing them.

The photograph, which is a part of a series, shows year-old Diana Bryant and her 2-year-old god-daughter Tiare Jones falling from the collapsed fire escape of a burning apartment on Marlborough Street in Boston on July 22, The photo was taken with a motorized camera.

Originally published in the Boston Herald, the photo circulated in over a hundred newspapers and led to the adoption of new fire escape legislation in the United States. All 28, Jews from Vinnitsa and its surrounding areas were massacred at the time. It was claimed that the picture came from a camera found in the debris at Ground Zero. The picture purported to be one taken mere moments before the attacks on the World Trade Center began.

Sharbat Gula was one of the students in an informal school within the refugee camp during the time of the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when she was photographed. The image brought her recognition when it was featured on the cover of the June issue of National Geographic Magazine at a time when she was approximately 12 years old.

Inyielding to the international pressure, the Sudanese government allowed good aid to be distributed to the south. There he took the above photo of a crippled boy who had queued hours for food, only to find it robbed away from him by a fit man who strides confidently away.

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One of the most iconic photo taken by W. Eugene Smith in He took this while a walk with his two children, Juanita and Patrick, towards a sun-bathed. There, it became a finalist and then the closing image, thus cementing its position as the ur-icon of all family photographs.

She had been trapped in water and concrete for 3 days. Search Search for: Search. Table of Contents.Popular Photography. Sign Up. The best gear for getting started with instant photography. By Jeanette D. Moses April 10, How To.

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Gain image editing prowess with this learning bundle. By Molly Glick. Medical breakthroughs turned into gorgeous images.

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Spring Flowers views 0 comments. Reflections on Beautiful BC views 0 comments.Your account is not active. We have sent an email to the address you provided with an activation link. Check your inbox, and click on the link to activate your account. With millions of pictures taken every day we can easily get lost in the vast world of images.

That's why TIME magazine decided to create a list of most influential pictures ever taken. They teamed up with curators, historians, photo editors, and famous photographers around the world for this task.

And some cut because they directly changed the way we live. What all of the famous photographs share is that they are turning points in our human experience. The result they ended up with is not only a collection of superb historical photos but incredible human experiences as well.

Scroll down below to check the photo gallery of the most famous pictures of our age. This post may include affiliate links. The faces of collateral damage and friendly fire are generally not seen. This was not the case with 9-year-old Phan Thi Kim Phuc. On June 8,Associated Press photographer Nick Ut was outside Trang Bang, about 25 miles northwest of Saigon, when the South Vietnamese air force mistakenly dropped a load of napalm on the village.

As the Vietnamese photographer took pictures of the carnage, he saw a group of children and soldiers along with a screaming naked girl running up the highway toward him.

He then realized that she had been hit by napalm. Too hot! So with the help of colleagues he got her transferred to an American facility for treatment that saved her life. It also sparked newsroom debates about running a photo with nudity, pushing many publications, including the New York Times, to override their policies.

Nick Ut Report. Years later Kim was removed while studying medicine from her university. She was used as a propaganda symbol by the communist government of Vietnam.

In, she continued her studies in Cuba.

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In they married, and went on their honeymoon in Moscow. During a refuelling stop in Newfoundland, they left the plane and asked for political asylum in Canada, which was granted.

most popular photos

The couple now live in Ajax, Ontario, and have two children. The following year, she passed the Canadian Citizenship Test with a perfect score and became a Canadian citizen. But there was no forgetting that war-torn Southeast Asian nation after Associated Press photographer Malcolm Browne captured the image of Thich Quang Duc immolating himself on a Saigon street. Browne had been given a heads-up that something was going to happen to protest the treatment of Buddhists by the regime of President Ngo Dinh Diem.

Once there he watched as two monks doused the seated elderly man with gasoline.

most popular photos

Malcolm Browne Report. Kevin Carter knew the stench of death. In he flew to Sudan to photograph the famine racking that land. Exhausted after a day of taking pictures in the village of Ayod, he headed out into the open bush.

There he heard whimpering and came across an emaciated toddler who had collapsed on the way to a feeding center. Carter had reportedly been advised not to touch the victims because of disease, so instead of helping, he spent 20 minutes waiting in the hope that the stalking bird would open its wings.This collection of 20 famous photographs has been carefully chosen because of their importance in history.

Each one of these iconic images has helped shape our history and alter the world which we live in. They are some of the most powerful and influential images ever captured by some of the most famous photographers in history. Images have a way of cutting through and triggering an immediate emotional response like nothing else can.

They open a window for us to view the world through the eyes of the photographer. Photography has helped to reinforced history making it more tangible and real. It has also made the camera an important tool not only to document history but also to help change it.

In this, one of his most iconic photos, Henri Cartier-Bresson captured a scene through a fence behind the Saint-Lazare train station in Paris. I saw shapes related to one another—a picture of shapes, and underlying it, a new vision that held me. One of the most famous photographers of the early 20th Century, Stieglitz fought for photography to be taken as seriously as painting as a valid art form.

His pioneering work helped to change the way many viewed photography. His NYC galleries featured many of the best photographers of the day. It also gives us a more complex and multi-layered viewpoint that conveys abstraction through the shapes in the image. And how those shapes relate to one another. I admit it took me many years to understand its genius and its message.

The World's Most Powerful Photographs

Forman was a well-known photographer working for the Boston Herald when he attended the scene of a fire. What began as him documenting the rescue of a young woman and child quickly took a turn when the fire escape collapsed. The pair began to fall and he continued shooting as they were falling.

He capturing them swimming through the air. Forman only lowered his camera and turned at the last moment when he realized what he was witnessing was a woman plummeting to her death. This famous photograph won Forman a Pulitzer prize.

Top 100 Of The Most Influential Photos Of All Time

But its interesting legacy is the ethical questions it raised about when a photographer should stop shooting and whether it is appropriate to publish disturbing images. It also caused many municipalities to enforce stricter fire-escape safety codes, so you decide.

This image is another Pulitzer Prize-winning image. As famous for its social impact, as it is the ethical issues it raised. His image of a collapsed child, with a vulture stalking over her, not only caused public outrage because of the horrific subject. It also stirred up a lot of criticism directed toward the photographerfor photographing the child, rather than helping her.

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